Frequently Asked Questions

Creating & Managing Listings
Do I Have to Sign Up to Create Listings?

Yes. You must be a registered user to create listings. To Register follow the steps below

  1. Go directly to Registration Here 
  2. Fill out Registration form
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to you  
  4. You are asked to confirm the Registration
  5. Click  "Add Listing"  then select a Membership Plan 
  6. Fill out your listing details, load pictures and video
  7. Click Submit Listing at bottom of page
How do I Login to my account and make changes once I have registered? 
  1. Click "Login" located in the top right corner of each webpage.    
What Category Should I Put My listing In?

The Directory is broken down into different geographic regions of British Columbia. You can view these regions on the right of this page. Once you have Registered and chosen a Membership Plan you will be able to create your listing. At that time you will be prompted to choose the region that beat suits your property location.

Pricing & Payment
How much do listings cost?


Silver Membership - FREE
Gold Membership - $99
Platinum Membership - $299 
For Membership details Please see our Pricing Page 
How Long Does a Listing Run?

When you choose a Membership Plan your subscription will run for 365 days from date of enrollment. The Silver Membership plan is designed to let you test drive our services, no upfront fees or financial obligation.     

What is BC Cabin And Cottages' privacy policy?

Please view our Privacy Policy for details.